Our Values

From process to personnel, CBS serves as a responsible advocate for our clients, providing the efficiency and expertise of a proven professional and the comfortable reliability of a trusted partner. More than any site plans or brick-and-mortar realities, it is our core values that have defined CBS' professional conduct and shaped the way in which we do business. Those values are not only an integral part of who we are; they are a defining part of our professional identity:



We have the utmost concern for the safety and welfare of all individuals. An integral part of our commitment to delivering a quality product is a fundamental focus on safety and health. That commitment has been rewarded. Since 1997, CBS has been consistently honored every year with the coveted Builders Exchange Safety Award. We also have a proactive relationship with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and are consistently involved in outreach and cooperative programs with the agency.

Read more about our commitment to safety here.



We nurture an environment of teamwork, not only within our organization, but within our team of subcontractors, owners, tenants, architects, engineers, and other project participants. We believe strongly in the power of integrated, collaborative efforts, and we work closely alongside our clients and professional partners to foster a productive team-oriented dynamic.



We earn the respect of our peers, our clients and the communities in which we work, not only by exhibiting consistent professionalism, but also by holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct. We strongly believe that integrity, honesty and professional respect are prerequisites to not only developing strong, lasting working relationships, but ultimately to providing a high-quality finished product.



We understand how important it is to approach each and every project with dedication and commitment. We approach our work with an undeniable passion that is evident not only in the quality of our work, but in the close, enduring professional relationships we have established and maintained over the years.



We make it our mission to exceed the status quo in the pursuit of our goal to be the best. From ethical conduct and attention to detail, to a high level of technical competence and critical problem solving skills, CBS exemplifies the highest standards of professional achievement. Our efficient decision making, consistent professionalism and fierce sense of urgency create a firm-wide culture of service and quality that delivers results.



CBS Charities LogoA large part of our story centers on our desire to make a positive, lasting impact on the community. We believe that CBS has an obligation to play a role as a productive and responsible member of the community. Fulfilling that commitment begins with our responsive, ethical, and community-focused business practices - but it does not end there. Continental Building Systems Charities was founded in 2001 with the primary purpose of providing for the care and education of our youth. We achieve this goal by providing annual scholarships to young people, participating in tutoring programs at local elementary schools, and fundraising for organizations like Nationwide Children's Hospital, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ronald McDonald House Charities and several local charitable organizations that provide services to needy and deserving children.

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